Brainstorm: How to facilitate communication/collaboration between designers and developers

UX Sprint Drupalcon Amsterdam

The pond

Firebug really is a quick and handy tool for web UI mockups: https://www.drupal.org/node/2269881#comment-9256975 #drupal



A calligraphic explosion, logarithmically masked

Square package

A square print of packaging with nested folding lines and 2 small cutouts

A print makers canvas is metal

Polished zinc, dirty hand

Hand cut and polished three zinc plates this evening. Prepping the metal canvas. Good to be back in the studio.

“Menus should not be used as a primary method for navigation within an app.” http://www.google.com/design/spec/components/menus.html#

A picture should be a re-creation of an event rather than an illustration of an object

The graphic works, Francis Bacon in Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Time frame

Particle cutup

Bunch of web dev related Alfred 2 workflows: https://github.com/zenorocha/alfred-workflows

Exploring https://gathercontent.com, it has something like a simpler #drupal Field UI for modelling content. Quite nice.

Print over drawing 1


At Starbucks

Drupal.org User Research: stakeholder workshop outcomes: http://ow.ly/ynZAE

Posted: Atelier Berchem, monotype/drawing: http://yoroy.com/pieces/atelier-berchem

Atelier Berchem