Stylized screengrab with colorfull circles overlaid
Not seven years but nine months in the making
“Kevin, talk sample content to me”
A platform needs a killer app
lab test illustration, druplicons in an erlenmeyer flask
Something something usability testing
4 handwritten index cards
This is a pretty radical change
Color reduced screengrab of youtube grid of recorded meetings
Topics du jour, how we work, where you can help, the usual
Concept map of the content workflow initiative
Must not make spelling mistakes or I have to start over again
3 generic target audiences: individual, small group, everybody
Tabula rasa is not an effective onboarding strategy
iterate on the idea before implementation
Agree on why and what before figuring out the how
Detail of an abstract etching called Escape Velocity I
50/50 on new ideas and reviewing work in progress
Your ideas for how to put first things first, please.
Hand drawn mindmap of ux work aspects
Repeatable processes for comparable results
The handwritten notes for this post
“As a software, I need to know the data model so that I can provide a corresponding UI widget”
Drupal 8 has a redesigned content creation page. This is how it came to be.

Drupalcon Denver UX Redux

Recapping some of the main UX related discussions and topics from Drupalcon Denver:

Design grunt work

Proposals for changing Drupal UI and UX are heavily scrutinized (as are all other changes) once they hit the issue queue for implementing them.

Denver, Drupalcon, Design

Not long until Drupalcon Denver kicks off. At least three days jam-packed with talks covering the full Drupal spectrum.

Core Product

The slides above are from a core conversation I would have presented i

Drupal UX team update, February 2012

Today we’ll have our 14th edition of UX open hours in IRC. It’s the best way to stay up to date on Drupal UX work and you’re all invited.

Coming up: the big usability lab test of Drupal 7

The University of Minnesota has graciously offered us another opportunity to gather data and insights from observing smart people using Drupal for the first time.

Create Drupal patches with Aptana, a tutorial

If you want to contribute actual changes to the Drupal software, you have to do it through patches. Patches are a kind of text file that describe the changes in a way that lets them easily be applied to the official code base. To create them, you have to jump through a couple of hoops, especially checking out Drupal head from CVS and creating the actual patch from the changes you made.