The Core Design License

Support my Drupal core Product & UX design work

Managing the Drupal core product experience is more than a full time job. As one of the lead UX designers and now Drupal core product manager I invite you to buy a Core Design License to support my work.


I’m a long time contributor to Drupal core and one of the very few user experience designers doing so. Since March 2017 I’ve joined the Drupal core committer team as a Product manager.

Up to this time my contribution has been unpaid volunteer work. I spend an average 4 to 6 hours per week reviewing, rewriting, designing and suggesting ways to improve the Drupal core user experience.

To be effective as a core product manager I want to be able to spend more time on creating a better Drupal.

How does it work?

Simple: companies (or individuals) can choose to pay for my time to work on core. How it works:

  • You tell me you want to support my work on Drupal core
  • I send you an invoice from my company
  • The invoice gets paid
  • I work on Drupal core

The hourly rate is €90,-. My initial goal is to raise funds for 80 hours per month.

Send me an email if you want to do this or would like to know more.

Why support me?

Every 6 months a new version of Drupal 8 is released. Do you use Drupal and need it to constantly improve and grow its capabilities?

As a designer and core product manager I can help increase the pace of innovation in Drupal core. My main job is unblocking other people so that they can make progress. Decisions not taken, designs not finished, priorities not clarified all add up to worthwhile changes not making it into a release. More time for me to review and give feedback means more issues get a chance to make it into core.

As the main reviewer of the Drupal Ideas queue I promote adding the right features, the ones that solve real problems people have when using Drupal.

Through regular meetings and mentorship I want to grow the number of designers who can get things done in Drupal core.

For this all to work well I need to be available on a more consistent basis. So if you want to see more good design happen in Drupal core, let me know. Thank you!