Easier patch reviews with Dreditor

Dreditor is a tool that makes it easier and quicker to review Drupal patches.

Drupal is built one patch at a time. Patches are text files that describe which parts of the code should be changed, added and/or deleted. Patches are created locally, then uploaded to drupal.org as part of an issue (ticket) in the issue queue. The code changes in a patch get reviewed by both machines (the testbot) and humans. For the latter, dreditor is a tool that makes this process a lot smoother.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the dreditor.org homepage though. After only a couple days of using it, here’s my take on how dreditor makes reviewing patches easier:

  • Pretty display of the patch file makes it easier to read and review
  • Select parts of the patch, write your comment on it and when finished, a single click inserts the selected code and your review into the comment text area for the issue
  • Provides a shortcut link to spin up a demo site with the patch applied on simplytest.me
  • Adds a button to attached images for quick and easy embedding in your comment area
  • Lets you hit the TAB key to auto-complete common HTML tags, user names, and format issue URLs when writing your comment.

Read more about the features. Would be good to see some of those mentioned on the dreditor homepage itself, it’s a very useful tool.