Kom spreken op Drupalcon Denver

Er worden nog presentatievoorstellen voor Drupalcon Denver geaccepteerd. Deadline: 26 oktober 2011.

Drupal 2011 is aan

Op 20 juni in Beeld & Geluid op het Mediapark in Hilversum. De zevende editie van Drupaljam, hèt Drupal evenement in het Nederlandstalige.

Coming up: the big usability lab test of Drupal 7

The University of Minnesota has graciously offered us another opportunity to gather data and insights from observing smart people using Drupal for the first time.

Drupal 8 = Drupal 7 contrib

Drupal initiative work is spinning up. Research, planning and scoping things. Important, but up till a point. Many of the changes we want to bring to core for Drupal 8 can be done as contributed projects right now.

A Drupalcon thank you note

Drupalcon Chicago is over and it was a great one, I had an excellent time there. I was able to attend through a scholarship and verything was arranged for flawlessly.

Create Drupal patches with Aptana, a tutorial

If you want to contribute actual changes to the Drupal software, you have to do it through patches. Patches are a kind of text file that describe the changes in a way that lets them easily be applied to the official code base. To create them, you have to jump through a couple of hoops, especially checking out Drupal head from CVS and creating the actual patch from the changes you made.

A user interface design pattern library for Drupal

“…Surgical teams that follow a basic checklist in the operating room, from discussing expected blood loss to confirming the patient's name, reduced the rate of deaths and complications by more than a third.” (source)

Drupal module development will hopefully not cost human lives one way or the other. But when building your module's UI the same principle is at work. It's all too easy to skip the basics, and go straight for the more complex parts of the problem. That’s the interesting part after all.