Drawing the thinking
Initiatives > ? > Doable chunks + customer value
Looking forward to meetings
“Kevin, talk sample content to me”
Evolve Drupal 8, faster
lab test illustration, druplicons in an erlenmeyer flask
Something something usability testing
Note to self, mostly
4 handwritten index cards
This is a pretty radical change
Color reduced screengrab of youtube grid of recorded meetings
Topics du jour, how we work, where you can help, the usual
Concept map of the content workflow initiative
Must not make spelling mistakes or I have to start over again
iterate on the idea before implementation
Agree on why and what before figuring out the how
Sketch of select list with different types of sites as part of the Drupal installer: social aggregator, my great portfolio, magazine in a box, super blog!, business presentation
Snowman reboot part 342356, for real this time
Hand drawn diagram of how workspaces enable preparation of new content items
Preparing the launch of a new campain.
Hand drawn mindmap of ux work aspects
Repeatable processes for comparable results
A book by Jeff Gothelf, with Josh Seiden
The handwritten notes for this post
“As a software, I need to know the data model so that I can provide a corresponding UI widget”
Drupal 8 has a redesigned content creation page. This is how it came to be.
bubble diagram showing how small first time users perceive Drupal to be.
Where Drupal does not meet people’s expectations of how things are done:
Bootstrapping UX design in your open source project.