Hi, I'm Roy and I've been designing how digital things work since 1996.

Which means that I'm an all round interaction designer, information architect and UX consultant. More about that on royscholten.nl.

yoroy is my nickname on Drupal.org. Drupal is an open source content management system. A free tool to create, publish and manage your thing on the internet. It's super powerful but not always very easy use. Ever since I got involved in 1996 I’ve been working to improve Drupal usability.

I design interfaces, research user needs, review and support other people’s work, (re)write interface texts and generally try to keep things moving forward and get changes done.

In March 2017 I joined the Drupal core team as a product manager. If you want to see more good ux design happen in the next version of Drupal, you can help me spend more time on it.


As a UX consultant I help organisations ship more and better things. I’m especially effective when it’s a Drupal project. When you need a senior pragmatist to help discover, define and design what needs to be developed for your client, talk to me.

I studied illustration at the art academy. Years later I found out that my hometown has one of the best printmaking studios in The Netherlands. It’s where I work on my etchings and monoprints.