• LEGO Brick 1 x 1 with Headlight and Slot

  • Parus major

  • Defining aspirations and the building blocks and guidelins to achieve them.

  • Links to find out where Drupal design work is happening

  • Used to be tuesday but now thursday is pasta day.

  • “The only platform publishers can count on is the open web. Facebook is the biggest threat there has ever been to the open web. Any publisher that is dependent on Facebook, or that trusts Facebook, is out of their goddamn mind.” – @daringfireball https://daringfireball.net/linked

  • The proceedings for the systemic design conference @2kp_koen mentioned during his #wiad18 talk. https://systemic-design.net/rsd-symposia/rsd5-2016/ #wiad18nl

  • Hearing about language for transition from @2pk_koen. Want to change the org? Change the language. Identify the current language using Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions. #wiad18 #wiad18nl

  • Kristof has his webmentions up and running: https://twitter.com/swentel/status/966424736153591808

    So me posting a link to his blog post should generate a mention somewhere: https://realize.be/blog/quasi-unutopia-very-beginning

  • Joeri ponders how improving the Drupal admin UI and training people to use it are two sides of the same coin. Extra props for the Kathy Sierra book reference: http://jpoesen.com/articles/simplifying-drupals-admin-ui-and-teaching-drupal

  • Tweet-sized notes posted as content on yoroy.com that get pushed to Twitter via RSS and Zapier.