Monday: Drupal UX open hours

Next monday we’ll be hosting the second edition of Drupal UX open hours.

We’ll meet in the #drupal-usability channel on IRC and discuss actionable Drupal 8 UX tasks and goals. We’re especially interested in what you would like to see happen there, so bring your ideas and battle plans, too!


We’ll present opportunities for working on UX improvements that are specifically not of the grandiose paradigm-shifting variety but focus on the actionable things that can be worked on right now. Again, we’re curious to hear your ideas for this.


We’ll use the last part of the meeting to review the user interface for contributed modules. Last time we discussed possible improvements for the Theme settings extras module. If you maintain a module and have questions about its UI, prepare a screenshot or maybe a demo site and we’ll have a look.

Looking forward to see you there!