Core Product

The slides above are from a core conversation I would have presented in San Fransisco if a certain ash cloud hadn't gotten in the way:

  1. Drupal can do anything. There's always a module for that.
  2. Drupal core does nothing (really well). No specific use case, and that's by design.
  3. Yes, decouple framework from platform from product specific features and configuration.
  4. Wouldn't it be awesome if the installer would let you choose from a list of pre-configured products like Awesome blog, Newspaper, Portfolio or Team toolkit, etc? Yes it would.

That was 2010, and even then this wasn't particularly new thinking.

It's a given that core alone can never be turned into a full-fledged product serving one specific use case. Instead, providing a useful onramp experience is what we should focus on. What can we do to get people 60% of the way there, so that they are invested and want to dive deeper and explore contrib?

What kind of products? For whom?

The two hardest questions. It will make things a lot easier if we allow ourselves to think in multiples here. Three is the magic number. These are the three high level use cases I think we should brainstorm around:

  1. "I" - The individual site. Working title: Portfolio (it is not a blog). For content creators.
  2. "Us" - A small group project. Communicate among each other and the outside world. Working title: Snowman, for site builders.
  3. "World" - A tour d'API for developers, exposing the best new core concepts that live under the hood. Working title: Butler.

We had tremendous fun with the #drupalfilms meme on Twitter. Drupal trainings are modeled around 'build Flickr, Twitter, YouTube in a day. We could use some of that playfullness here.

I'll have another go at this in a core conversation in Denver. But what do you think?