Can you find the hub?

A sitemap/ flow hybrid overview that lets me zoom in and tweak details as necessary

Stylized screengrab of a Sketch canvas with multiple artboards all connected with arrows.

Because I’m old and skeptical I’m now slow to adopt new digital tools in my toolkit. I’m still in my first year of using Sketch for screen designs. Over time I’ve moved away from creating high definition visual designs, but lately it’s become part of some project work again and as a team we decided to standardize on Sketch.

It’s really important for me to get at least some idea of and grip on the whole before I’m able to plot the details on individual screens. Which is why I was reluctant about Sketch. Too easy to get distracted by details that just don’t matter yet. Plus, it did not provide ways to link screens together for checking the flow of things.

Enter Craft. A plugin for Sketch that lets me link screens together, from inside Sketch. In combination with the endless Sketch canvas this works well and fast. A sitemap and flow hybrid overview of the whole that lets me zoom in and tweak screen details as necessary. Nice.