A short list of Drupal 8 UX priorities

(where Leisa has the long-form version)

Work the UX design process.

Help developers make better design decisions. More usability engineering. Grow the team.

See: pattern library, issue queue work in Prairie, Minnesota Lab testing, Acquia testing

Improve core site building tools

Help Jeremy build sites.

See: Core context UI, Modules page, menus, content types (Field UI)

Design content editor workflows

Connect the dots for Verity, so that she can get her new content out and manage existing stuff.

See: Workbench, Content editor group

Make the initial install a more focussed application

Connect some more dots: what does a base Drupal install do for you? Can we do 3 fun, core-only Apps?

See: Snowman, install profiles

Improve the social architecture for community collaboration

Make contributing more awesome for more people. Humanize community tools and processes.

See: Prairie initiative