Drupal UX process improvements shopping list

Repeatable processes for comparable results

Hand drawn mindmap of ux work aspects

Set a more specific product vision

  • Continuous discovery of user needs
  • Competitive benchmarking (explain please, Bojhan :-)
  • Design principles are good, specific goals even better?
  • After setting the vision: maintain the vision and commit patches accordingly
  • Be clear about who gets to set and who gets to maintain this vision

Increase velocity:

  • Involve more people who want to design
  • Better define what needs to be done
  • Clarity on how we decide
  • Really decide
  • Have a repeatable process for comparable results

Design multiple options before picking a solution:

  • Know what to work on to focus efforts to get broader set of specific ideas
  • Sketches before prototypes. Everybody can draw an idea
  • Lo-fi prototypes before core patches
  • Designer + developer collaboration from the start
  • Have a repeatable process for comparable results

Compare and evaluate design options faster:

  • Know when an informed opinion is enough, know when some kind of evaluation is needed
  • 3 people every tuesday (online usability testing, simplytest?)
  • A format for guerrilla usability testing during camps
  • Have a repeatable process for comparable results

Find the approach for changes that touch all the things

  • Clarity around what can be incremental, what needs to be one big push
  • What will a 6 week git merge look like?
  • Know from the start what the next 6 months will focus on to direct, harmonize efforts